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Company Overview

Established in 1995, Inertia Engineering engineers and manufactures switches and switch automation products. Collectively, Inertia staffing have over 150 years of high voltage switchgear engineering and manufacturing experience. Inertia is a supplier of high quality equipment to the Electrical Utility and Industrial markets.

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Automation Equipment Brackets, Mounts & Hardware

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  • LineBOSS™  Gang-operated sidebreak switch.  Available in 15 kV, 25 kV, 
    35 kV, 46 kV and 69 kV, in 600 A, 900 A and 1200 A ratings.  Load interrupting devices offered include: quickbreaks, gas expulsion tube or vacuum bottles.

  • Inertia NBS Regulator By-pass Switch

  • Inertia MSOR and MSOT  Motorized switch operators for reciprocating and torsional control switches.  They are configured to operate the LineBOSS as well as other competitors' sidebreak style or line-tension switches.

  • Brackets & Hardware  Inertia engineers and builds special brackets and hardware to meet your specific requirements.

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